Dealerlogix Boosts Customer Pay Revenue by $96,000 for Audi of Lafayette

May 22, 2022Case Studies

Since switching to the Dealerlogix Service Workflow Suite in February of 2021, Audi of Lafayette’s service department has realized an average increase of 0.2 hours per repair order (RO). “That may not seem like a lot, but when you figure an average of $32 per RO multiplied by 3,000 ROs over the course of a year, that adds up to a significant boost in customer pay revenue,” notes Gaylyn Marks Finster, Service Director for the Louisiana-based auto store.

Finster attributes the revenue increase to the fact that Dealerlogix is an “awesome selling tool” and very user-friendly for his staff and customers.

 Simplified Selling

Audi of Lafayette turned to Dealerlogix primarily to address Audi’s requirement of sending videos to customers to illustrate the need for recommended repairs. The capability has service advisors closing 46% of the additional repairs they suggest. Having experienced Dealerlogix capabilities as a service manager for an Audi dealership in Houston, Finster isn’t surprised. She sees that ratio climbing even higher the more his advisors use the tool.

“I was excited to go with Dealerlogix because I knew the benefit already, and I saw how cumbersome our prior service software was. It didn’t allow us to do great presentations,” Finster notes.

“Other systems I looked at were good at one thing or another. But for a customer-focused, front-end approach, where you want to present estimates at the time of write-up, print out or send estimates to get approvals from the customers, and send and track videos, Dealerlogix is just the most complete system.”

Finster encourages service advisors to review the next day’s appointments at the end of each day. Dealerlogix makes it easy to spot upsell opportunities based on a vehicle’s history. That’s because Dealerlogix automatically marks declined services, making it easy to keep a record for future service visits.

“A customer might come in for an oil change, but there is always something else needed, whether an air filter, spark plugs, or a previously declined service,” Finster says. “With Dealerlogix, we can quickly identify and load all that information into the menu. So, when the customer arrives, the advisor doesn’t have to look at history. It’s all right there on the tablet when they greet the customer, allowing the conversation to begin with any services the customer decline during their prior visit.”

Empowering Customers

 To satisfy Audi’s video requirement, service advisors at Audi of Lafayette text or email a video of every service recommendation to customers. Finster notes that 99% of customers prefer text, adding that Dealerlogix makes it easy for customers to view the video, review the inspection to see what’s needed, why it’s needed, the price impact of those repairs in real-time, and approve or decline the recommended service on their mobile device.

Years ago, Finster graduated from college with a degree in psychiatry and still views customer relations through that lens. “When customers receive an estimate on their phone, they are in possession of that information, which gives them a sense of control. It is very empowering to be able to say “Yes” or “No.” When customers decide for themselves, they are less regretful of saying “Yes,” versus when someone else pushes the button for them.”