Creating a Smoother Service Lane


Dealerlogix is an easy-to-use platform for fixed operations that gives your teams a complete solution for delivering better, fast service – without blowing a gasket. Our cloud-based solutions are customizable for your dealership and accessible from any device, giving your team an easier, more flexible way to handle everything from scheduling to check out – all in one place.  

Service Valet

Offer convenient vehicle pickup and delivery.

Empower your clients to schedule, approve, and pay for vehicle repairs without ever stepping foot in your dealership. Service Valet is part of Dealerlogix’s all-in-one solution and deeply integrates with the DMS to gauge staff availability so you can create a superior customer experience that’s completely contactless. 

Mobile Pay

Quick. Contactless. Easy.

With mobile pay, customers can receive a detailed repair invoice via text or email and pay online. Dealerlogix not only lets customers approve and deny services — a practice that increases dollars per repair order — but also provides a mobile signature feature so they can simply enter payment information, sign and send. This convenient, contactless payment process improves customer satisfaction and retention for an ultimate increase in profitability.

Appointment Scheduling

Let customers drive your schedule.

Online appointment scheduling not only improves customer satisfaction and retention but also increases service capacity and boosts profits. Customers can schedule appointments, describe issues, and even request vehicle pick-ups or loaner vehicles directly from your website. No phone calls necessary, so you can get to work faster.

Digital Multipoint Inspections

Our Interactive MPI Boosts Approved Customer Pay by 86%

An efficient multipoint inspection boosts profitability and fosters customer satisfaction and trust. The Workflow Suite’s visual vehicle representation and dealer-specific inspection points make it easy to conduct a thorough inspection, suggest repairs, and take photos to note damage. Customers electronically choose service packages and repairs, e-sign, and send.

Repair Order Write-Ups

Repair order approvals at your fingertips.

Offering a contactless write-up process not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases sales. Service advisors simply email or text recommended repairs. Customers can approve or deny each repair, enter payment information, e-sign, and send. No hard selling involved, and letting customers approve electronically increases sales by 30%.


Quick & easy customer communication.

Work more efficiently and improve CSI and retention with our simple texting feature. Easily communicate invoices, repair information, vehicle status, and photos and videos describing vehicle issues. No more leaving messages, waiting for responses, or playing phone tag — an invaluable time-saver!

Reporting Tools

Key metrics that drive profitability.

Fixed-ops profitability metrics are at your fingertips in the manager’s dashboard. View real-time reports for dollars per repair order, additional service requests, appointments scheduled, missed appointments, and more. Quickly assess advisor and technician performance, and implement changes for better results.

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