6 Service Workflows Primed for a Digital Makeover

A recent study by the National Automobile Dealers Association found that fixed-operations and service departments generate 50% of the average dealership’s total gross revenue. Because of this, fixed operations departments need to implement initiatives that drive profitability. The question is, which efforts and investments will move the profitability needle the most?


A Dealer’s Guide to Digitizing the Service Drive

Whether you realize it or not, the fixed-ops technology you’re using (or not using) affects your efficiency and profitability. Add-on solutions may seem like the right choice because they fulfill a specific need for a relatively low cost, but over time, efficiency and data quality suffer if you don’t invest in a full-service suite.


Profit Drivers: 6 Must-Have Digital Tools for the Service Drive

The customer experience is quickly emerging as the key differentiator among dealers. Dealership service departments act as a frontline loyalty generator. So, how do fixed-ops departments create a customer experience that captures and retains customers?