Service Workflow Suite: Invest in Your Future

Jul 9, 2021News

Dealerlogix Service Workflow Suite is a software-as-a-service solution for increasing service department profitability. Backed by years of service lane experience, the DMS-integrated, cloud-based system revolutionizes the way fixed-ops departments do business for endless ROI possibilities. 

There are so many areas in which Service Workflow Suite can improve your business, but here’s a look at three main opportunities for ROI:

1. More recommended services: With Service Workflow Suite, service departments saw a 61% increase in recommended service dollars as a result of the system’s simple digital multipoint inspections, which provide a visual vehicle representation to guide technicians through potential repairs.

2. Increased dollars per RO: With the system’s electronic repair-order approval feature, customers approve 30% more dollars’ worth of services. Our data also shows that digital inspections increase close rates for recommended services by 50%.

3. Higher CSI scores and customer retention: A 2015 Autotrader® Car Buyer of the Future Study found that 54% of customers would choose to buy from a dealership with their preferred experience versus the lowest price. Several features within the Service Workflow Suite contribute to a better customer experience, including online service scheduling, live electronic estimates, electronic customer updates, and mobile payments. There’s also a clear correlation between advisors using tablets during the write-up process and CSI scores. Dealerlogix has found that CSI scores increase by 124 points when advisors use tablets.

Dealerlogix Service Workflow Suite is an investment in your future. We can install our system in a matter of hours, train your staff in a matter of days and afford years of potential ROI from workflow efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.