Dealerlogix Service Workflow Suite enables dealerships’ service departments to increase customer retention by putting the focus on the customers and their needs.  The Dealerlogix process engages your customers every step of the way to ensure their satisfaction and return.

Engage customers with the knowledge and transparency that builds trust.

  • Deliver an interactive walk-around and inspection process that identifies repair, maintenance and warranty needs.
  • Put the choice in the customer’s hands while eliminating the “hard sell” of services and repairs that erodes trust.
  • Increase efficiencies in the write-up and inspection processes that lead to “fixed right the first time” performance and get customers back on the road sooner.

Communication is key!  Never leave your customer wondering again.

  • Improve customer communications so they are never left wondering about the status of their vehicle.
  • Boost retention and satisfaction. Text or email detailed repair orders and recommendations to your customers for their review, so they can easily approve or decline services and pay electronically without any contact. 
  • Let customers drive your schedule and their satisfaction with online appointment scheduling.