Automotive News: Examining the Biggest Threat to Fixed Ops

Feb 24, 2022News

Recently, Dealerlogix CEO Mark Brandon examined the biggest threat facing fixed-ops departments (and it isn’t technician shortages or the proliferation of electric vehicles). In fact, it may often be overlooked even though it’s a core function of dealers’ businesses.

In his Automotive News article, Brandon writes:

Hypothesizing about how your business or software fits into the industry’s future makes for great conversation over a cup of coffee. However, it does little to solve the biggest need dealership service departments have when it comes to their fixed-ops software, which is this: Service writers want to be assured that, when they click on that “create-a-repair-order” button, all the correct opcodes, labor types, warranty lines, and recall information flows seamlessly into the DMS.

He continues to explore what the right dealer technology can do to make service departments more efficient and profitable—and ultimately, how to avoid “stacking these loosely integrated solutions onto these Frankenstein’s of bad data and disconnected workflows.”

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