6 Ways to Boost Fixed-Ops Profits

Jul 9, 2021News

With fixed operations accounting for 50% of the average dealership’s total gross profit, according to the National Automobile Dealership Association, a lot is riding on dealership service teams.

Solutions like the Dealerlogix Service Workflow Suite can help streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide unlimited potential for increasing service throughput, profits, and CSI scores. Here are six ways this all-in-one solution will generate more revenue:

1. Automate the service process to drive consistency and efficiency. Service Workflow Suite automates critical steps in your service process, so vehicle walkarounds happen 100% of the time, and your service and parts teams can deliver a connected customer experience while improving service throughput.

2. Enable electronic invoices that empower customers to choose their services. Customers know a hard sell when they see it. Service Workflow Suite provides a simple and effective way to present recommended repairs and service contracts using a good-better-best menu configuration, allowing customers to select the right option for their time and budget and free of pressure. Advisors can also take advantage of video, photo, and text communications to demonstrate and capture customer authorizations on recommended services. Dealerlogix finds that customers approve recommended repairs 30% more when allowed to review and approve repairs electronically.

3. Offer convenient customer service from start to finish. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations goes a long way toward keeping them satisfied and loyal, which translates to more customers, more dollars per ROs, and higher profitability. Service Workflow Suite makes the service experience convenient for customers with:

    • Online appointment scheduling with a Service Valet feature that lets customers schedule vehicle pickups, drop-offs, and loaners 
    • Live estimates and approvals sent directly to the customer via text or email
    • Online payments and remote signatures, so customers can get back on the road faster
    • Electronic communications to update customers on the status of their vehicles, so they’re never left wondering when it will be ready or whether a needed part is in stock

4. Improve internal and external communications processes. Use a system that enables — and requires — electronic communications between your fixed-ops teams, allowing your service advisors to get the ball rolling by digitally notifying parts and service techs about open repair orders. Parts pullers and technicians should then be required to update the RO’s status once they complete the work, so there’s never any question about what was promised or who was responsible for completing the work. Communicating electronically also saves time by eliminating the need for advisors to walk over to parts to check on an order. It also creates transparency and accountability, so orders are completed efficiently and correctly the first time. 

5. Provide access to detailed and accurate reporting. It’s difficult to improve processes without data on what’s currently happening in your service department. A good workflow system offers an array of detailed, real-time reports that drill down to the individual employee level. Managers should be able to analyze dollars per RO, additional service recommended and sold, missed appointments, ROs per advisor, and more to drive positive change.  

6. DMS integration for improved data accuracy. DMS integration saves time by eliminating double-data entry and having to log into disparate systems to access customer and vehicle data. The right integration allows for two-way data flow, so updates to customer emails, phone numbers, and home addresses are reflected in the DMS. 

Want to know more? Dealerlogix would love to discuss how Service Workflow Suite can improve your fixed-ops profitability. We can install our system in a matter of hours and train your staff in a matter of days, so you’ll reap the benefits of increased profits for years to come.