Dealerlogix Debuts Service Valet Vehicle Pickup and Delivery

Apr 12, 2021News

Dealerlogix, a leading all-in-one software for independent auto dealer service departments, today announced its latest product, Service Valet, a new way to create a superior customer service experience with contactless scheduling, pickup, delivery and payment.

“Now, it’s easier than ever for dealerships to create a luxury brand experience that builds customer loyalty and retention,” said Mark Brandon, CEO and founder of Dealerlogix. “Service Valet complements our all-in-one product suite and helps fixed ops departments eliminate the hassle for drivers to get their vehicles serviced.”

With Service Valet, dealerships can empower their clients to schedule, approve, and pay for vehicle repairs at their convenience without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. Service Valet was created to seamlessly integrate with popular dealer management systems (DMS) and is deeply integrated with the Dealerlogix Appointment Scheduling system—a major differentiator compared to alternative add-on products. This integration allows dealerships to more accurately gauge dealership capacity to get work in and out of the shop on time.

Service Valet is part of Dealerlogix’s all-in-one solution to help dealerships drive more appointments, create additional revenue for repair orders, and generate higher CSI scores.

“Service Valet promotes clarity, transparency, and accountability,” said Brandon. “It eliminates confusion due to poor communication between the advisor and the customer and ultimately, helps dealerships differentiate themselves from the competition. Now, every auto dealer can create a luxury brand experience that delights their customers and showcases their commitment to excellence.”