For Fixed Operations Departments

Dealerlogix has worked in the trenches of auto dealership fixed operations and has created a seamless, efficient, automated process that improves customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately boosts profitability.

Here’s what Service Workflow Suite can do for each member of a fixed operations team:

Service Advisors

Automate the service lane

Your service lane plays an important part in customer service, as it’s where you meet the customer — sometimes face-to-face and sometimes through electronic communications. The Dealerlogix cloud-based solution creates a fast, efficient walk-around and service write-up process that integrates with any DMS and gets the ball rolling on the entire service process.

Provide effective internal and external communications processes

Dealerlogix revolutionizes customer service, so that, from the time the customer makes an appointment to when he or she drives away, the service, parts, and labor departments communicate internally about the repair order and update the customer about the status of the repair.

Create detailed historical repair and communications records

The system requires advisors, parts employees, and technicians to record their work and customer communications, so there’s never a question about what the customer was promised or offered, or what work was completed.

Provide detailed, real-time service reports on processes and sales

On any given day, you can retrieve the metrics you need to assess employees’ work and overall department profitability and identify areas that need improvement.

Parts Managers

Provide effective internal communications processes

Service Workflow Suite creates an electronic communication process between the service, parts, and labor departments, which makes your job a lot easier. You receive real-time updates about repair orders and can easily communicate with service advisors and parts staff about the order. You also know which orders are a priority.

Enable text, photo and video communications with the customer

You don’t need to rely solely on your service advisor to relay vehicle status information. Send messages directly to the customer about needed repairs, and even take photos or videos to make your recommendations obvious. You’ll not only have an electronic record of why the vehicle is being serviced, but you will also have a record of accepted and declined services.


Provide effective internal communications processes

Service Workflow Suite enables you to quickly and easily communicate real-time repair order updates to your parts manager, as well as service advisors. You’ll also know which orders are a priority and what was promised to the customer on each order. There’s no guesswork, miscommunications, or need to leave your workstation to track down information.

Enable text, photo and video communications with the customer

As a technician, you’re on the front line. Service Workflow Suite enables you to electronically document vehicle damage via photos and videos, and then send those directly to the customer. You don’t need to rely on a phone call from the service advisor to relay technical information, and you always have a clear record of repairs that were approved and completed, as well as those that were declined.