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Clarity that drives vital Fixed Ops metrics

Let's face it: your customers don't want to feel like they're being sold to. They want to feel empowered. They want to feel in control.

Enter Dealerlogix – a customizable web app that gives your customers a branded service experience – while improving your insight into profit opportunities. How? By revolutionizing the basic foundations of the auto service experience – an interactive service drive mobile application and integrated electronic vehicle inspection tool that helps you drive vital fixed operation's metrics.


  • • Dealerlogix builds clarity into your service processes.
  • • Builds customer trust by providing transparent service options and pricing throughout the service experience.
  • • Improves Fixed Right First Time satisfaction
  • • Speeds the service delivery processes and helps you meet your service-time promises.
  • • Communicates with Customers Faster and more conveniently via text and email.
  • • Internal messaging allows advisor, parts and technician staff to communicate more clearly and efficiently to reduce service delivery times and improve historical documentation.


  • • Dealerlogix helps you engage with warmth and knowledge that builds trust in your services and your people.
  • • Interactive walkthrough and inspection processes identify opportunities and put choice in customers’ hands – eliminating the “ hard sell” that dilutes trust.
  • • Better write up and inspection processes reduce come backs and get customers back on the road sooner.
  • • By reducing and eliminating communications lapses and gaps, you keep customers updated more consistently, so they never are left to wonder what is going on – they know you care about them and their concerns about their vehicle, wallet and delivery promise.


  • • Customers control their service write up and upsell themselves.
  • • Retained customers and higher CSI translate into ongoing business profits.
  • • Complete customer communications speeds approvals and keeps bays producing.
  • • Parts qued and ready reduce idle times and keep service volume flowing.
  • • Identifies profit opportunities, metrics to improve, and outcomes to lift.
  • • Opportunities clarity identifies customer approvals that drives up efficiency.
  • • Customers in control of their service experience tend to upsell without selling.
  • • Increased effective labor rates translates into higher fixed ops revenues and absorption.

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